New garage door installation is significantly more complex than installing a new dishwasher. It requires precise, detailed work performed by highly trained gate service and overhead door experts. At Dream Garage Door our certified technicians can install your new garage door for the lowest price in Phoenix AZ including all of Maricopa County!

How Much Does New Garage Door Installation Cost?

Any other company will charge you more money than Dream Garage Door; we are very proud of the fact that we offer the lowest costs on new garage door installation. This is just one of many reasons why we are growing every year. Our costs include the installation fees, wiring services, and configuring the garage door opener.

The cost of installing a new garage door is widely dependent on the type of garage door you have. The door style, openers, width, and lighting features may also play a role in determining price.

New Garage Door Installation

Take a look at the options below. As a general rule of thumb the types that appear in the top of this list tend to be the least expensive to install, and as the list goes down, they can be more costly:

  • Single tilt-up model
  • Single roll-up model.
  • Custom roll-up models.
  • Solid wood custom models.

Just call Dream Garage Door Repair Phoenix and tell us what door type you have; we guarantee the lowest price and the best service!

How to Install a Garage Door

Installing a garage door requires a team, and a lot of training. When you learn about us, you will see that our Dream Garage Door team educated customers on a number of things they can do themselves, but installing garage doors is not one of them. Remember, you are working with spring-loaded tension that is very dangerous, and the fitting requires detailed collaboration. If you are even off by a hair the door won’t fit or function properly.

Garage Door Installation

Here are some other considerations for new garage door installation:

Door styles – Considering additional features is paramount to determining garage door installation costs. Does your door have special features like windows, or reinforced steel frames? Are they insulated or do they have decorative elements?

Widths – Doors come in a wide range of widths. In some cases structural modifications of the entry way will have to be made to accommodate a double-width door.

Openers – Garage door openers come in a number of types and brands, and some are more expensive than others to install. Talk to a Dream Garage Door expert and let us give you the lowest quote in all of Maricopa County.

Lighting – Exterior lighting installation is a popular option for homeowners. Many of these tasks required a licensed electrician but our contractors work with the best electricians and our partnerships offer customers the lowest prices.

Steel Garage Doors – Though this is not a popular option for residential homes, we have customers who will settle for nothing less. Steel garage doors are the strongest, and if you get one it may be wise to use a separate individual 3 x 68 exterior door along with locksets and half-glass. Our Dream Garage Door specialists can determine if additional carpentry is needed for your customer residential garage door installation. We do this to ensure you have more than one way out from your garage.

New Garage Door Installation in Phoenix AZ

Save money with a new garage door installation with our Garage Door Repair Phoenix AZ team. Don’t have your garage door yet? No problem! So, call and tell us your needs! Work with one of our experts to help you choose the best garage door and let us install it for you at our discount price!