Is your garage door off track? Need a new Garage Door Track? If so your home is vulnerable to break-ins which is why you need to call Dream Garage Door. We are the most affordable solution from what is the largest 24/7 garage door repair company servicing all Phoenix AZ and all of Maricopa County!

You Need a New Garage Door Track?

Because this is a project that doesn’t involve the tension spring, repairing a garage door off track is one of the safer repairs you might be able to do on your own. However, with Dream Garage Door you don’t have to wait for a long time for a garage door repairman to come out. This is because technicians respond to all calls quickly since we know that having a secure home is vital to safety. Furthermore, letting a professional garage door repair service company in Phoenix AZ handle even what seems to be a simple fix will ensure the job is done the right way.

garage door off track

However, if you want to to try this on your own, here are the steps:

  • Disconnect the opener form the garage door. Reach up and pull on that rope that releases the door.
  • Manually, open the door and when the wheels have been located at the place where they are causing the garage door to be off track, secure locking pliers on one of the tracks.
  • Grab the track’s outside edge with a pair of pliers and to get the wheels back on track. When the door is back on track bang it into position with a rubber mallet.
  • Remove your pliers and raise and lower the door by hand to make sure it works smoothly. Then try lowering and raising it with your remote. Make sure everything catches normally without any grinding noises or sputtering.

Although there are few risks in repairing a garage door off track, it requires a trained eye and attention to detail. Let Dream Garage Door Repair Phoenix AZ do it right the first time for an affordable price!

He Doesn’t Play the Guitar Anymore.

Although injury from trying to repair a garage door that is off the track is rare, it can happen. One of our technicians has a son with a teacher who lost the use of two fingers on his hand. His garage door skipped the track and when he was trying to fix it the pliers were not locked properly and the door came sliding to his hand and mashed two fingers causing permanent nerve damage. The tragic side of this was that playing the guitar was his passion, and now he simply can’t finger the fret board.

Who to Call for Garage Door Off Track Repair?

If you live in Phoenix AZ or any city in Maricopa County? If your garage door off track problem is just too big to handle, call Dream Garage Door for immediate repairs. All of our technicians have certification. Therefore, they can get the job done in a fraction of the time it would take the average homeowner to complete. We do it in a safe manner removing the threat of injury.

Contact us today! Let us secure your home and peace of mind!