Why You Should Replace Your Old Garage Door

Replace Your Old Garage Door

Replace Your Old Garage Door Today!

It’s true. Garage doors last for a very long time. And that makes it even harder to see the signs, which indicate that it’s time for garage door replacement. Most people would think of replacing the door to upgrade the overall aesthetics of their home. And that’s a fact. Due to their size, the looks of the overhead door will either increase or degrade the value of a residence. But what’s most important is its functionality. With years comes decay and with decay comes problems, which in turn create gaps in your security, terrible inconveniences, and above all unsafe garages. And these are the main reasons why you should replace your old garage door, but not the only ones.

Garage door repair services prolong your overhead door’s lifespan

Most garage door parts are steel. As you probably know, this material erodes. Corrosion doesn’t happen overnight. But humidity and exposure to both rain and sun as well as years of use take their toll. Steel parts start wearing and their deterioration is even faster with lack of proper garage door repair. Let’s say one of the tracks does not have good alignment. Even if the rollers can still move, they will eventually scratch the surface of the tracks. When the surface of steel materials is scratch, corrosion is faster. That’s true for stainless steel too. If the protective layer has damage, the material will start wearing. That’s also why lubricants are necessary. If the tracks are not lubricated, the rollers will eventually have a hard time sliding up and down. This makes the door noisy and sets the grounds for material damage.

Garage doors rot, warp and rust over the years

Although we have established the importance of garage door repair services for the long-lasting of the door, there will come a time when the entire system will age. And you should get replacement for it. When you start spending more on garage door repair than before, you will know it’s time. After all, it’s not just parts which wear. The door wears too. It doesn’t simply loses its elegance, but it starts breaking down depending on the material. Wood garage doors warp at the edges and steel surfaces rust. You can deal with some damage by painting the door over the years, but at one point painting will not suffice.

Take advantage of the new garage door opener technology

When a garage door is rotten and its parts have damage, your security will be questioned and so will your safety. Can you trust an overhead door which makes an effort to open and hardly closes well? One of the most important reasons for new garage door installation is that there is a lot of progress in the industry. New materials are processed better and new doors can be insulated and are often made with safe features, like special hinges and pinch protection sections for the avoidance of injuries. And all pros at Dream Garage Door believe that this is one more excellent reason for replacing the door.

And how about the tremendous development of the technology of new openers? Manufacturers are required by federal law to make openers with safety sensors. They also include several features, which increase security. Who can say no to new garage doors and openers, which offer much, look good and make access a piece of cake? Certainly not you! So, if you need to replace your old garage door today, don’t wait. Let our experts help!

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