Your car gets a tune up and regular maintenance performed, right? Garage door maintenance will insure its dependability and longevity. Just as your car’s maintenance keeps the driver and passengers safe, buying garage door maintenance will help fortify your home from break-ins. So, when you call Dream Garage Door for a tune up and maintenance, our number one priority is to ensure your garage door is keeping your family safe at all times. Therefore, when we detect a problem, we perform the most affordable garage door repairs in Phoenix AZ and all of Maricopa County on the spot, saving you money.

Garage Door Maintenance

When our 24/7 garage door tune up crew arrives at your home, we begin inspecting your garage door through a number of comprehensive steps. These include:

Inspecting all door sections, tracks, cables, springs, rollers, circuits, and external seals.
Reviewing if the garage door is balanced and adjust it if necessary.
Lubricating and tightening the bolts, screws, rollers, springs and hinges.
Adjusting door openers and safety settings, if needed.

Garage Door Maintenance

When you schedule routine garage door tune ups and maintenance you can help eliminate any pending problems that may cause massive expenses down the road. It is important to do so, because this may result in home invasions.

They Took His Safe, They Took His Peace of Mind!

Unfortunately Jason, a customer from Scottsdale, was too late in calling us for a garage door tune up—a simple phone call that would have prevented his property from being stolen. Jason was away on vacation with his kids. Then, when he got home he saw  his garage door was half way up. His large antique safe that contained some family heirlooms, firearm and some important documents, an archery set and a autograph poster of Randy Johnson were gone. So, our garage door maintenance team inspected the door. As a result, we saw that a short in the circuit board caused to door to malfunction.

Had Jason called Dream Garage Door to perform maintenance, we would have checked the circuits and caught the problem. As you can see, a garage door tune up is great insurance!

Garage Door Tune Up Cost

Dream Garage Door offers the most affordable prices in Phoenix AZ. In fact, this applies for entire Maricopa County too! When it comes to garage door tune-ups, maintenance, and repair we are the best in the area. Don’t give in to chance, call our 24 hour garage door repair team to perform a thorough safety inspection. So, ensure your family’s safety at a low price you will love!