Most homeowners don’t feel the need for garage door spring repair and take their garage doors for granted. So, if your washing machine makes a funny noise you would have a technician check it out, right? Have you ever opened your garage door to hear a metallic creaking sound? A lot of people are all too familiar with this scenario and tend to shrug as they fail to regard the matter as a serious problem. Many of the emergency garage door repair calls that come into our Dream Garage Door Repair Phoenix service center involve damaged doors that won’t open due to broken springs and are in need of garage door spring repair.

Garage Door Spring Repair Installation.

By the way, when you hear that squeaky or grinding sound it is your garage door’s way of saying to you, “Hey, homeowner, I’m about to fall apart and I need help”!

So, when your garage door makes these kinds of noises call our Phoenix AZ certified Garage Door Spring Repair technicians, and whether you are in Surprise or Scottsdale, we will dispatch someone local to investigate the garage door.

Garage Door Spring Repair

How to Repair Garage Door Springs?

Knowing how to repair or replace garage door springs requires special training from certified garage door technicians. But this is not to say that you should remain in the dark when it comes to garage doors. That being said, homeowners should know how their garage doors function.

Trivia time! Have you ever heard of a torsion spring? It plays a lead role in the crucial counterbalance system that fosters smooth working order for your garage door no matter how often it open and closes.

Torsion Spring 101: Know the Basics.

  • One or two tightly wound springs support the torsion. spring counterbalance system.
  • Cable drums are located on both ends affixed to a steel shaft.
  • Above the garage door is always where torsion springs are mounted on what is generally a three-pronged system with bearing plates.
  • The torsion spring’s main function is to lower and raise the garage door.
  • The spring unwinds when the garage door raises. releasing accumulated tension.
  • The cables unravel from the drums when the door is lowered thus returning them to a full-tension stance.

So how can Torsion Springs Fail?

Most torsion springs are designed to last through 10,000 to 15,000 cycles, however Dream Garage Door Repair Phoenix has done a number of emergency garage door repair calls in which springs broke due to:

  • Tracks that need tightening.
  • Shabby garage door maintenance
  • No or poor lube on spring wires, hinges, and bearings
  • Build-up of grease on tracks.

If your garage door opens and closes with jerking motions or it occasionally struggles to open or close, you can bet the farm that your garage door springs need to repair or replacement. Trying to fix garage door springs is extremely dangerous. People have lost an eye trying to do it on their own. Let our friendly and highly skilled garage door techs take care of the problem, because you need both of your eyes!

Garage Door Spring Repair in Phoenix AZ

Whether you live in Phoenix, Gilbert, Mesa, or Tempe know that Dream Garage Door is available for 24/7 garage door springs repair, or to fix any issue that might be preventing your garage door from opening or closing. We have the best prices on all garage door repair services, and our customer service is next to none!

So, when your garage door springs are not working, give Dream Garage Door a call. We will restore order in no time!