When your gate won’t open or close you don’t want to wait for an appointment; you need 24 hour gate repair. Dream Garage Door has certified gate technicians ready to perform emergency gate repair services day or night!

24 Hour Gate Repair in Phoenix AZ

Your gate is your first line of defense from intruders entering your property, and if your gate malfunctions at 2AM, you need emergency gate services without delay.

Armed Robbers and Smart Homeowners

Last year late into a Friday night Dream Garage Door got a call from Ted and Linda, home owners from Glendale who reported that their 12-foot wrought iron gate only closed half way and wouldn’t budge. Tempted to call in the morning the homeowners had discussed the situation and decided to call us to come fix the problem right away. Lucky for them they didn’t wait because early in the morning police arrested a pair of armed men who broke into the house down the street. So, they had gone to Ted and Linda’s house first, but the imposing gate sent them to their neighbor’s house instead.

gate repair

Having a gate that functions properly keeps your home and family safe. This is why Dream Garage Door offers emergency 24 hour gate repair, no matter what.

Gate Repair Services

Affordable gate repair services in Phoenix AZ are within your reach! Dream Garage Door offers the lowest prices on gate repair by certified technicians who can detect and fix any problem. Most issues we deal with evolve around:

  • Gаtе mоtоrѕ.
  • Elесtriс gates.
  • Gаtе motors.
  • Manual gаtеѕ.
  • Swing gate operators.
  • Automatic gаtеѕ.
  • Electric gate repair.
  • Gаtе openers.
  • Gate ореnеr раdѕ.

Our Dream Garage Door experts also deal with gate malfunctions that happen for a number of other reasons. We work with all brands and models from Liftmaster to Ramset, Elite, All-o-Matic, Eagle, and BSL just to name a few.

So, call Dream Garage Door Repair Phoenix and let us diagnose the problem and fix it without hesitation, and at a price you will love!